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Missing keys

I open my PC and begin clacking away on my keyboard, each noise a click forward in my memoir. A paragraph of gibberish forms on screen, jagged red lines below nearly every word. I look down. As my fingers press each small black box, wrong words – or barely words – form. I narrow down my damage, realizing several keys are broken and, while pressable, no longer relay brain->finger->screen messages as commanded. How does a problem so random begin? Are you passionate about books, authors and writi

The Best Way to Enjoy Rome in the Spring, Rome Travel Tips

The Best Way to Enjoy Rome in the Spring Spring is one of the best times to visit Rome, with gorgeous weather, smaller crowds, and wonderful seasonal cuisine.  With the exception of Easter weekend, spring sees fewer tourists from April to June, meaning lines to visit museums and attractions are shorter, and the chances of getting a truly authentic vacation in Rome are higher. Plus, the opportunity to get a great hotel deal is a lot better, as hoteliers all around town discount their rates in or

Hotels in the United States You Can Bring Your Pets, Pet Friendly

When people travel with their family, they often want to bring their whole family—furry friends included.  Traveling with pets has really come a long way over the years, with plenty of hotels, businesses, and restaurants going above and beyond to welcome man’s best friend.  And we’re not just talking basic tolerance and acceptance of traveling animals—hotels often go above and beyond to make four-legged guests just as comfortable as their two-legged owners.  Here are some of the best pet-friendl

A Crash Course Itinerary for Seeing London in 48 Hours

London is a huge city with many attractions to see and many plenty to explore, but sometimes you can only swing a short trip or a few hours to kill during a long layover. With a tight itinerary in mind, here is a plan for eating the best and seeing the most of London in 48 hours. Head out early to beat the crowds at Buckingham Palace, a top spot on every visitor’s itinerary. Snap some pictures of the famous façade and try to make the guards laugh before 9:30am when tours of the palace begin.  Y