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The Summer Hotel Guide 2014

Then you have those on the opposite end of the spectrum—travelers who want to escape from it all while  they’re traveling during the summer.    While filling a backpack to go camping and hiking might be ideal for some, others still want a little bit of  glamour while they’re on vacation. If you want to balance luxury with anonymity, check out small beach  resorts on remote islands, lodges in the woods, and mountain retreats—all of which set the perfect stage  for enjoying the great outdoors.    Get off the grid and some serious peace and quiet! 

The Best Way to Enjoy Rome in the Spring, Rome Travel Tips

The Best Way to Enjoy Rome in the Spring Spring is one of the best times to visit Rome, with gorgeous weather, smaller crowds, and wonderful seasonal cuisine.  With the exception of Easter weekend, spring sees fewer tourists from April to June, meaning lines to visit museums and attractions are shorter, and the chances of getting a truly authentic vacation in Rome are higher. Plus, the opportunity to get a great hotel deal is a lot better, as hoteliers all around town discount their rates in or

Hotels in the United States You Can Bring Your Pets, Pet Friendly

When people travel with their family, they often want to bring their whole family—furry friends included.  Traveling with pets has really come a long way over the years, with plenty of hotels, businesses, and restaurants going above and beyond to welcome man’s best friend.  And we’re not just talking basic tolerance and acceptance of traveling animals—hotels often go above and beyond to make four-legged guests just as comfortable as their two-legged owners.  Here are some of the best pet-friendl

Top 10 things to do in Florence

Florence, Italy, is a small city that is packed with so many things to do.  From history to art, shopping to eating, there is something fantastic for every visitor to relish in.  No matter the street you turn onto, you’re bound to find art in the architecture and beauty in the everyday.  Within just minutes of being in this spectacular city, you will realize how it inspired an entire artistic and cultural movement and became the birthplace of the Renaissance. The centuries-old cobblestone street

A Crash Course Itinerary for Seeing London in 48 Hours

London is a huge city with many attractions to see and many plenty to explore, but sometimes you can only swing a short trip or a few hours to kill during a long layover. With a tight itinerary in mind, here is a plan for eating the best and seeing the most of London in 48 hours. Head out early to beat the crowds at Buckingham Palace, a top spot on every visitor’s itinerary. Snap some pictures of the famous façade and try to make the guards laugh before 9:30am when tours of the palace begin.  Y

Reasons to Visit New York City in the Fall

Autumn in New York. It’s a well-known phrase that has a nice ring to it and is constantly used in writing, literature, and even the movies. And there’s plenty of reason for that. Autumn in New York City is one of the most magical times of year to be in the Big Apple. The sweltering summer heat has subsided, locals are back after a relaxing summer in the Hamptons, tourists are starting to dwindle between the peak seasons of summer and the holidays, meaning you’ll be able to find lots of reasonabl